Let’s appreciate

Sometimes my eyes litrelly fill with tears of happiness  my heart feel so content so relaxed when i see how beautiful this world is,how beautiful this sunrise is, how lovely the sound of birds are, how soothing this air is,how lovely the gazals of Jagjit Singh are,how green the plants are or how mesmerizing Irfan khan’s acting is . I know just listening or reading to these seem so filmy nd exaggerated i used to think the same but once you feel them you know it’s real .

I’m not a morning person and nor do anybody have to just feel the magic of this nature nobody needs to be a music or movie lover to just appreciate these  form of art all you need is just a seperate space in your mind or what some people call ‘Heart’. But this space will be empty if you won’t give yourself a break to notice these constant wonders happening around you. I’m not talking about taking a 20 days off from work nd going to a to Lonavala or on a Switzerland trip to surprise yourself with these beautiful things you will be more then happy once you will start appreciate that how wonderful it is that a smile comes on your face just by seeing a baby laughing your lips will smile themselves without asking for yor permission this is magical…✨isn’t it